Our planet is at a crossroads and it needs your help. We face complex environmental threats like greenhouse gases, ocean plastic pollution, and biodiversity loss. Around the world, young people are leading efforts to confront some of our planet’s most pressing problems. Many leaders at the forefront of youth-led movements are asking themselves, How can we take meaningful action to create positive change for our planet? By empowering a community of changemakers who are inspired to collaborate globally, generate solutions, and inspire hope and action, we can build a healthier and more sustainable planet. 

During National Geographic’s Summer Learning Series, from June 22–August 7, 2020, join young people from around the world who are committed to tackling the plastic pollution crisis. This National Geographic Global Plastics GeoChallenge is designed to inspire young people to take action at home and in their local community around the issue of single-use plastic pollution. Young people, ages 9-13, will work on this challenge with the guidance of parents to learn about plastic waste, identify a problem they would like to solve, and design a solution to that problem that will help make an impact in the community.

The middle school youth guide has everything kids need to get started! The accompanying guide will help parents learn about the specifics of challenge and what their kids will be asked to do. The guides are designed to be viewed digitally. There are four worksheets included which can be filled out digitally or printed.

During this time of global uncertainty, we remain committed to supporting you. We understand there are many disruptions to daily life for you, your family, and your community. In that spirit, the Global Plastics GeoChallenge aims to be flexible and adaptable to your individual situations. We hope that you will consider participating to help address this issue, and we encourage you to do so when the time is right for you, where it’s safe to do so, and in accordance with current government and health guidelines.