The Global Closet Calculator is an online educational interactive that highlights interdependence and the global nature of the clothes we wear.  

First, students start by entering real information about the clothes in their closets and where those clothes were made. They can analyze their interdependence map and compare it to the data entered by other players.

Next, students watch short videos about the complexities of manufacturing and selling goods in a global economy. The videos highlight the economic, environmental, and human rights aspects involved in the manufacture of MP3 players and jeans. Students use knowledge gained from the videos to make informed decisions. They earn badges as they make manufacturing decisions. At the end of each round, students can access summaries of the manufacturing decisions they made and the badges they earned.

Use this educator guide to engage students in Grades 6-10 with the interactive in a variety of settings both in and out of the classroom. The guide includes information about the role of the facilitator, as well as game play setup for independent play, small group play, and whole class play. Activity ideas and discussion questions are organized into before, during, and after game play.