The challenges that today’s young people will face in their workplaces and communities require a dynamic understanding of how our interconnected world works.

National Geographic believes a well-rounded geo-education is vital to prepare current and future generations to function successfully and sustainably on an interconnected planet.

We believe a well-rounded geo-education is vital for:

  • Success in the 21st century marketplace
  • A safer, more secure world 
  • Better communities
  • Global sustainability 

This video and article discuss how important geo-education is to success in 21st century business. A geo-education is critical preparation for careers in modern workplaces, which are increasingly multilingual and multinational, where supply chains, production facilities, and marketplaces are global, and where sustainable business practices are key to cost containment. A geo-education is also essential to maintaining our nation’s economic competitiveness.

In addition to being vital for business success in the current economy, a geo-education is key to protecting our national security, sustaining our natural resources, and preserving the quality of life in our local communities. We will be preparing media assets in the near future that focus on these other topics.