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    You will use this hands-on activity to help elementary students learn about the forces of flight.

    To engage students with flight and airplane design, you will explain the four forces of flight and discuss modifications engineers make when designing aircraft that are used for different purposes. Students will fold 3 different paper airplanes using templates, test them and modify the weight or design of each aircraft to change the planes' speed and flight distance.

    In the media carousel above you will find video tutorials for paper airplane templates #1-3. Preview these to prepare for instructing students on folding the paper airplanes. You may also download the tutorials to share with the teacher or students. You will also find the Build the Future introduction video, the PowerPoint presentation and the Engineer Guide.

    To prepare for your classroom visit, about two weeks in advance, review the information in the Engineer Guide and the materials provided for this activity.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    accompany Verb

    to join with someone or something.

    adjust Verb

    to change or modify something to fit with something else.

    advocate Noun

    person who speaks, writes, or otherwise supports a person, idea, or cause.

    ambassador Noun

    person who represents a place, organization, or idea.

    audition Verb

    trial or test performance given to a performer to judge their performance.

    cast Verb

    to hire actors for a film or play.

    chacham Noun

    Hebrew form of address for a respected and educated man.

    cherish Verb

    to love tenderly and protectively.

    Christian Noun

    people and culture focused on the teachings of Jesus and his followers.

    communicate Verb

    to exchange knowledge, thoughts, or feelings.

    conflict Noun

    a disagreement or fight, usually over ideas or procedures.

    diversity Noun


    documentary Noun

    non-fiction film.

    Easter Noun

    most important celebration in the Christian religion, marking the day when the deity Jesus rose from the dead.

    embassy Noun

    residence of an ambassador or place where representatives of a nation conduct business in another country.

    encourage Verb

    to inspire or support a person or idea.

    enormous Adjective

    very large.

    eventually Adverb

    at some point in the future.

    fascinate Verb

    to cause an interest in.

    fast Verb

    to not eat.

    genetic engineer Noun scientist who manipulates genetic material in order to alter the hereditary traits of a cell, organism, or population.
    hesitate Verb

    to delay making or acting on a decision because of fear or unwillingness.

    illuminate Verb

    to shine light on.

    imam Noun

    leader of prayer in a mosque.

    impromptu Adjective

    unscheduled, unprepared, or improvised.

    initial Adjective


    interior Noun

    internal or inland.

    Jewish Adjective

    having to do with the religion or culture of people tracing their ancestry to the ancient Middle East and the spiritual leaders Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    Kotel Noun stone wall on the western side of the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel, held sacred by Jews as a site of prayer and pilgrimage. Also called the Western Wall or Wailing Wall.
    market Noun

    central place for the sale of goods.

    marketing Noun

    art and science of selling a product.

    minimal Adjective

    the lowest or least.

    muezzin Noun

    official who calls faithful Muslims to prayer from the minaret or other elevated part in a mosque.

    Muslim Adjective

    having to do with Islam, the religion based on the words and philosophy of the prophet Mohammed.

    neurologist Noun

    physician or scientist who studies the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the brain and nervous system.

    Old City Noun

    walled, UNESCO World Heritage Site within the modern city of Jerusalem, Israel, consisting of four quarters: the Muslim Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter and the Armenian Quarter. 

    opportunity Noun


    oppress Verb

    to unjustly discriminate against, torment, or persecute.

    participate Verb

    to take part in an activity.

    perspective Noun

    point of view or way of looking at a situation.

    political science Noun

    study of political systems and the structure and conduct of governments.

    prayer Noun

    communication with a spiritual deity.

    priest Noun

    title of religious leader in many faiths.

    privilege Noun

    benefit or special right.

    public relations (PR) Noun

    the art, science, and business of promoting an organization, person, or event.

    rabbi Noun

    leading religious official of a Jewish synagogue.

    Ramadan Noun

    ninth month in the Muslim calendar, when Muslims fast during daylight hours.

    regardless Adverb

    anyway, or in spite of something.

    religion Noun

    a system of spiritual or supernatural belief.

    sepulchre Noun

    burial vault or tomb. Also spelled sepulcher.

    Shabbat Noun

    Jewish sabbath, observed on Saturday.

    shoot Verb

    to photograph or film.

    shuk Noun

    open-air marketplace common throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Also called a sook.

    spice Noun

    tasty and aromatic plant substances used in cooking.

    stereotype Noun

    a general characteristic associated with a group of people.

    tension Noun

    uncomfortable relationship between two people or groups.

    tolerance Noun

    fair and respectful attitude toward others and their way of life.

    tradition Noun

    beliefs, customs, and cultural characteristics handed down from one generation to the next.

    vendor Noun

    someone who sells something.

    vibrant Adjective