You're on assignment for National Geographic. How do explore an extreme place that you cannot or should not go? This is a problem that National Geographic explorers face in the field.


Engineers at National Geographic have come up with a few ways to collect data that proves a place is special. Some of these creative solutions use the same technology that robots use. Robots can do lots of things, but one thing many robots do is collect information about their environment. These robots use sensors, like a camera or a thermometer, to gather information about their environment. Then, the robot decides an action to take based on the information it just collected. For a robot, collecting this information is really important when it comes to taking action and solving problems, both big and small.


​YOUR CHALLENGE: ​ Design, build, and test a way to study an extreme place that you'd like to explore but cannot go to because of extreme conditions, using your own robot-like design. Your solution must collect information and use that information to decide an action to take, the way a robot might. Your solution should be able to collect information about this extreme place and get thta information back to you.


Watch the Introduction video to learn about the Engineering Exploration Challenge. Then watch the Animal Migrations video to gear up for your assignment. Use the National Geographic Engineering Process to design, build, and test a solution to this Challenge. For instructions on how to submit your solution to National Geographic, visit