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Your students are on assignment for National Geographic. How do you get a camera up high while you stay low? This is a problem that National Geographic explorers face in the field.


THE CHALLENGE: Design a system that can raise a camera at least 10 feet in the air and get the camera back down safely, while you stay on the ground.

Have students watch the Introduction video to learn about the Engineering Exploration Challenge, and then show the Eye-on-the-Sky: Challenge 2 video briefing about the assignment. Guide students through the problem-solving process using the National Geographic Engineering Process. Students will design, build, and test a solution using this process. Use the Engineering Process workbook with younger students and the Engineering Process handout with older students. Use the provided Educator Guide for your personal reference.


You can also check out this video of a Google+ Hangout featuring students and their solutions to this and other challenges. Students discussed their work with National Geographic engineers and explorers.