• Biofuels come from plants, so they must be good, right? Actually biofuels are a promising energy option for our future, but currently biofuels are very energy- and water-intensive to produce. Students likely are not aware of drawbacks to using biofuels. One starting point for discussing this energy source is to consider how changing land use might impact the environment. While biofuels have additional complications at present, focusing on land use can add a new level to their understanding of biofuels.

    Watch this video of 4th and 5th grade students in San Diego, California—a working class community. The purpose of this classroom video is to hear students discuss drawbacks to biofuel power.

    For additional classroom context, video analysis, and reflection opportunities, read the Picture of Practice page for "Energy From Biofuels" in the Energy Potential Environmental Literacy Teacher Guide, page 73.