In Myanmar (Burma), elephants are used to log the teak forests that were once their home. While investigating the consequences of harnessing elephant power for labor, Wild Chronicles discovers that these elephants—and some thoughtful forest management—are helping to save Myanmar’s remaining wild lands.

  1. What is an oozie?

    • Answer

      In Myanmar, an oozie is a person who is responsible for handling a working elephant.

  2. Working elephants are free to roam the forest at night. How do they start their day?

    • Answer

      After being retrieved by their handlers (oozies), working elephants start their day with a bath in the river.

  3. What is the job title of the person who oversees the work and health of the working elephants of Myanmar?

    • Answer

      A veterinarian, U Saw Win, is responsible for the elephants.

  4. Why do loggers need "elephant power" in Myanmar?

    • Answer

      "Elephant power" is the only way to harvest timber without stripping away the entire forest to build roads.

  5. How many Asian elephants remain in the wild?

    • Answer

      Only about 35,000 to 50,000 Asian elephants remain in the wild. The working elephants in this video are not among them. They are tame, not wild.


result or outcome of an action or situation.


ecosystem filled with trees and underbrush.


to control or guide for a specific purpose.


work or employment.


hardwood tree native to Asia.