Some species of fish are being caught, or harvested, and eaten so quickly that their numbers are going down. Many are endangered and even face possible extinction because we’re overharvesting them. Use this page to explore examples of fish that are being over harvested.

This page is a selection from the Mission:Explore FOOD book on sustainable seafood. For more activites like this, visit the full Mission:Explore FOOD page.

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    Some species of fish are being caught, or havested, and consumed so quickly that their numbers are dwindling. Many are endangered and even face extinction due to overharvesting. Some are listed as endangered species, while others aren't recognized on any official list.

    When buying fish, avoid species you know are at risk. Sometimes fish have different names depending on where you are or from whom you are buying. Use this activity to explore examples of threatened species—being able to identify a fish by the way it looks can help you decipher what species you are actually buying, and which fish to avoid!

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  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    endangered species Noun

    organism threatened with extinction.

    Encyclopedic Entry: endangered species
    extinction Noun

    process of complete disappearance of a species from Earth.

    harvest Noun

    the gathering and collection of crops, including both plants and animals.

    overharvest Verb

    to use more of a resource than can be replaced naturally.

    sustainable seafood Noun

    fish, shellfish, and other aquatic organisms harvested from fish farms or fisheries that can be maintained without damaging the ecosystem.