Crittercam: Grey Reef Shark

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  • Palau is home to the grey reef shark, as well as pristine coral reefs that bring tourists from near and far.

    Seeing a shark up-close and personal is a thrill for many divers. Wild Chronicles and Crittercam® take a look at the grey reef shark to see how this skilled predator responds to divers who sometimes get too close.

    1. What is "Blue Corner"?

      One of the most popular dive sites in Palau, Blue Corner is where the coral reef meets the open ocean.

    2. Phil, the icthyologist, places tags on grey reef sharks around Blue Corner. What data do these tags transmit?

      The tags follow the movement of the sharks, allowing researchers to see if they are staying in the protected area of the reef or venturing outside it.

    3. Do grey reef sharks migrate far from Blue Corner?

      No. Crittercam helped show Phil and other scientists that grey reef sharks are mostly "homebodies," sticking close to the reef.

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    coral reef Noun

    rocky ocean features made up of millions of coral skeletons.

    Crittercam Noun

    camera designed to be worn on a wild animal, providing a "critter-eye view" of the animal's environment.

    predator Noun

    animal that hunts other animals for food.

    pristine Adjective

    pure or unpolluted.

    shark Noun

    predatory fish.

    tourist Noun

    person who travels for pleasure.