Over the last few years, we have heard a great deal of discussion about climate change. However, wading through an abundance of conflicting information can seem daunting. Who do we believe? How can we begin to be scientifically literate if we are not clear about how scientific work is conducted?

Educating youth about climate change and climate solutions will be necessary if future generations are going to help solve the problem. This guide was developed to support teachers in teaching topics with real-world context, and provide them with the background to feel competent and comfortable when teaching about climate change. It provides a solid introduction to climate change in an accessible and reader-friendly manner. In addition to general information about climate change, the guide includes numerous education features, such as teaching tips and student thinking, that help to connect the content to classroom practice.

With a greater sense of confidence in the subject matter, you can help lead your students through the content and choices that confront all of us. With newfound understanding, you can teach climate change to your students, helping to create future generations who are climate literate, and who know how critical this issue is to preserving the planet we depend upon.

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Changing Climate: Full Teacher Guide
Chapter 1: The Climate System and Greenhouse Effect
Chapter 2: The Global Carbon Cycle
Chapter 3: Energy to Power Our World
Chapter 4: A Look at Climate in the Past
Chapter 5: Modeling the Impacts of Climate Change
Chapter 6: Solutions for a Changing Climate