Rachel Hansen is a social studies teacher at Muscatine High School in Muscatine, Iowa, United States. She holds both Geo-Inquiry Process and National Geographic Educator Certification from National Geographic, and was awarded a National Geographic Storytelling Grant in 2019 for “The Human Story” podcast project. She is also part of a team that received a 2020 Explorer Collaboration Grant to carry out podcasting, storytelling, and conservation work in Akagera National Park in Rwanda. In addition to these projects, Rachel and her students launched the podcast Locally Global in which students examine each of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in both local and global contexts.

Storytelling plays an important role in Rachel’s classroom, and has had a profound effect on student engagement. Researching, developing, and producing their own stories has enabled Rachel’s students to harness the power of their own voices, and deeply examine issues from a local to global perspective.

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“Storytelling for Impact in Your Classroom: Audio” was developed in partnership with Adobe, a champion for creativity and the power of storytelling.


having to do with sound.


person who studies unknown areas.


web-based audio program.


use of visual, literary, auditory, or other creative media to educate, inform, entertaining, or inspire an audience to take action.