Antarctic Penguins

  • Join Wild Chronicles aboard the National Geographic Endeavor on an expedition to Antarctica to count penguin populations—one bird at a time.

    Natural dangers abound and survival is not easy in this frozen land. And now, new research suggests rising temperatures and climate change are providing additional threats to these creatures.

    1. What species of penguins are the researchers studying in Antarctica?

      Wild Chronicles lists four: emperor, chinstrap, gentoo, and Adelie.

    2. What is a group of penguins called?

      A group of penguins is called a colony.

    3. Researchers count penguin populations in two steps. In the first step, researchers count the number of nests and eggs. What is the second step?

      In the second step, researchers count the number of penguin chicks. By comparing this number with the number of eggs counted earlier, researchers estimate how many chicks hatched that year.

    4. Both penguin parents leave the island to find food, mostly krill. How much food do they bring back for their chicks?

      Penguin parents bring back about 1-2 pounds of food every day.

    5. How many rocks to Gentoo penguins use to make their nests?

      Gentoos use about 2,000 rocks to make a single nest!

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    climate change Noun

    gradual changes in all the interconnected weather elements on our planet.

    Encyclopedic Entry: Earth's Changing Climate
    expedition Noun

    journey with a specific purpose, such as exploration.

    penguin Noun

    bird native to the Antarctic.

    population Noun

    total number of people or organisms in a particular area.

    temperature Noun

    degree of hotness or coldness measured by a thermometer with a numerical scale.

    Encyclopedic Entry: temperature
    threat Noun