About This MapMaker Kit

Download, print, and assemble maps of the political United States in a variety of sizes. Watch the tutorial video above to get started. Then download each piece of the MapMaker Kit as a PDF file. Each thumbnail in the carousel above is a different piece of the map you will need to download.

The mega map occupies a large wall, or can be used on the floor. The map is made up of 91 pieces; download rows 1-7 for the full map of the US. The tabletop size is made up of 16 pieces and is good for small group work. Hawai'i and Alaska were produced at the same scale and projection as the main United States map, so download each of these segments on their own .

The United States 1-Page map can be customized and downloaded from the MapMaker 1-Page Map tool.


For a physical version of the same map, without political boundaries, see here