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    You are a slave. You belong to a farmer who owns a tobacco plantation on the eastern shore of Maryland. Six long days a week you tend his field. But not for much longer . . .


    What will you do? Make your choices well as you embark on your journey to freedom.


    To play The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom, you must download and install the free Sandstone Player Software on your computer. Sandstone is required to support the 3-D style interaction in the game. Click here to find instructions for downloading Sandstone on a Mac or PC. Click here if you need technical support. Tell us what you think! Click here to provide feedback on the game (except technical support issues).

  • Term Part of Speech Definition Encyclopedic Entry
    abolition Noun

    ending or wiping out of something, usually referring to the ending of slavery.

    abolitionist Noun

    person who opposes slavery.

    captive Adjective

    captured or enslaved.

    climate Noun

    all weather conditions for a given location over a period of time.

    Encyclopedic Entry: climate
    conductor Noun

    in the Underground Railroad, a person who guided slaves to safety and freedom.

    discrimination Noun

    treatment based on a group to which a person belongs, not the person himself.

    emancipation Noun


    flee Verb

    to run away.

    Frederick Douglass Noun

    (1818-1895) American civil rights pioneer and a leader in the fight to end slavery.

    free state Noun

    nation or country that outlaws slavery.

    Harriet Tubman Noun

    (1820-1913) American abolitionist and leader in the Underground Railroad.

    passenger Noun

    in the Underground Railroad, a runaway slave seeking freedom.

    pilot Noun

    in the Underground Railroad, a person who went to slave states to find slaves seeking freedom and willing to risk their lives to achieve it.

    route Noun

    path or way.

    slave hunter Noun

    person who seeks out runaway slaves in order to return them to slavery.

    slavery Noun

    process and condition of owning another human being or being owned by another human being.

    slave state Noun

    nation or country where slavery is legal.

    station Noun

    in the Underground Railroad, a safe place where runaway slaves could hide.

    territory Noun

    land an animal, human, or government protects from intruders.

    Underground Railroad Noun

    system used by abolitionists between 1800-1865 to help American slaves escape to free states.