Introducing students to the concept of maps as representations of places at a young age is important. Modeling the use of maps in and out of school can help students to recognize the value of maps and gain confidence with them. Using maps of places that are familiar to students will strengthen their spatial thinking skills before learning about states, countries, and continents. Use the prompts below to introduce the maps to students.


Park Map
Look at the symbols on the map and the key. What is between one of the slides and a sandbox? What is the line that circles the pond? Explore more.

Neighborhood Map
This map doesn't have a key. How can you tell what the drawings mean? Explore more.

Community Map
This map has symbols and street names. Name two streets that have a lot of houses. What does the paper bag symbol mean? Explore more.

Classroom Map
This map is drawn from a bird's eye view. Imagine you are a bird perched on the ceiling. Can you guess what the things on the map are? Explore more.