Though the National GeoBee has ended, students can study on their own by using these maps of the United States to answer the corresponding competition questions. Students should download and print the unlabeled map, then fill in as many state names as they can using their own knowledge and reference materials. If they get stuck, they may consult the labeled map provided. Then, students can answer the questions using the map they just completed.

More study resources:

  • Study with Kahoot! 
  • GeoBee Challenge app (available for free in the Apple App Store and on Google Play)


Learn more about the GeoBee here!

  1. Which state has a longer coastline—Maine or Rhode Island?

  2. Which state is farther north—Nevada or Montana?

  3. Lake Superior borders Michigan, Minnesota, and which other state—Missouri or Wisconsin?

  4. Which state is closer to Mexico—Utah or Pennsylvania?

  5. Every year, more than 100 million passengers fly through the airport in Atlanta—the busiest in the world. Atlanta is the largest city in which state that borders Tennessee—Kansas or Georgia?

  6. A $10 bill has a life span of less than five years. Most U.S. currency is printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth, located in which state that borders the Gulf of Mexico— Wyoming or Texas?

  7. Cape May, located at the entrance of Delaware Bay, is part of which state—New Jersey or Hawaii?

  8. Lookout Mountain is a mountain ridge that stretches across Alabama, Georgia, and which other state—Missouri or Tennessee?

  9. The Appalachian Mountains pass through which state—Kentucky or Iowa?

  10. Which state has two panhandles—North Dakota or West Virginia?