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Mapmaker Interactives


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MapMaker: Earthquakes and Shake Intensity (Last 30 Days)

Explore the earthquakes occurring in the last 30 days and the extent of their shaking with this map layer....

MapMaker: Global Human Footprint

Earth’s human footprint measures the relationship between the human consumption of resources and the number of resources the Earth can supply. E...

MapMaker: World Time Zones

Modern time zones created a standardized method for telling time in a globalized world. ...

MapMaker: Precipitation

Use this map layer to visualize the minimum precipitation per month (cm) around the world. ...

MapMaker: Surface Air Temperature

Explore Earth’s mean surface air temperature averaged from 1981-2010 as calculated by the Copernicus Climate Change Service....

MapMaker: United States Tornadoes

Use this map layer to visualize large and violent tornado tracks from EF-4 and EF-5 tornadoes that occurred between 2000-2017....

MapMaker: Major Hurricane Tracks

Use this map layer to visualize large and destructive tropical cyclones that occurred between 1842 and 2015.

MapMaker: Population Density

What are the most densely populated places in the world? Find out with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mapping tool.

MapMaker: Tectonic Plates

Earth’s lithosphere is made up of a series of plates that “float” on the mantle. Explore them with MapMaker, National Geographi...

MapMaker: Renewable Energy Capacity in Megawatts, by Year

Explore this map layer that displays the quantity of megawatts different countries, areas, and regions around the world have the capacity to generate ...

MapMaker: Ocean Currents

Explore Earth's global conveyor belt with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mapping tool.

MapMaker: Protected Areas

The World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA) is the most comprehensive global database of marine and terrestrial protected areas, explore categories o...

MapMaker: Global Cities

City populations change sizes over time, some increase, and others decrease as industries or climate change. Select a city and explore how its po...

MapMaker: Energy Use

Develop an understanding of how much energy consumption has changed in different countries over forty years with MapMaker, National Geographic's class...

MapMaker: Major Earthquakes

Explore major (magnitude of 7.0 or higher) global earthquakes between 1950-2020 filtered from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Earthquake Ca...

MapMaker: Tectonic Plate Boundaries

Explore the boundaries between Earth's tectonic plates with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mapping tool.

MapMaker: Latitude and Longitude

Lines of latitude and longitude help us navigate and describe the Earth. Explore them with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mappi...

MapMaker: Meridians and Parallels

The lines that help us describe the Earth.

MapMaker: Volcanoes

Explore Earth's volcanoes with MapMaker, National Geographic's classroom interactive mapping tool....


Use MapMaker Interactive to investigate the rivers that contribute the most plastic pollution to the ocean.

Gross Domestic Product

Browse the nations of the world by their reported GDP.

Central Coast Poetry

Go beyond Steinbeck in Monterey County, California.

Spider Plankton

Spidery "plankton" pours down over eastern Australia.

Egtved Girl

Navigate the travels of a Bronze Age woman.

Dinosaurs in Western Australia

Go droning for dinosaurs in Australia.