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Long-distance Ocean Travels

Follow along travel routes of oceanic species.

Doggerland - The Europe That Was

A map showing Doggerland, a region of northwest Europe home to Mesolithic people before sea level rose to inundate this area and create the Europe we ...

The Battles of the U.S. Civil War

Learn about the strategic, though often unpredictable, locations of battles during the U.S. Civil War from 1861 to 1865.


A zone is an area separated from other areas in some artificial or natural manner.

National Geographic Magazine: Layers of Life

An illustration supplement from the September 2010 issue of National Geographic magazine depicting coastal and marine ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico...

Hurricane Sandy

Map of hurricane path.

Freshwater Availability

A map showing freshwater availability in countries around the world.

Erie Canal

A map of the Erie Canal in New York.

Trails West

Map of trails west across the United States

Trails West in the Mid-1800s

Map of trails west across the United States

The Mayflower Route

A map of the Mayflower route.

Wampanoag Territory


John Smith's Exploration Routes in the Chesapeake Bay

Map of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay

Trade in Rhode Island During the 1700s

Map of trade goods from Rhode Island

Delaware as Part of New Sweden

Map of the Middle Colonies in 1638

Colonies in Connecticut in the 1640s

Map of Connecticut and the New England Colonies

Land Lost By Mexico

Map of the United States and Mexico

Bering Land Bridge

Map of North America showing human migration routes

Boundary Between the Union and the Confederacy

Map of the Union and the Confederacy

Growth of Colonial Settlement

Map of early settlement on the eastern coast of the U.S.

Colonial Trade Routes and Goods

Map of trade routes across the Atlantic Ocean

Compromise of 1850

Map of the western United States

The Dust Bowl

Map of area affected by the Dust Bowl

Roads, Canals, and Rails in the 1800s

Map of transportation in the eastern U.S.

Immigration to the U.S. in the Late 1800s

Map of immigration to the U.S. from the east and west