National Geographic Leadership

Kim Hamer Hulse

Vice President, Education Programs

Kim Hulse
National Geographic Society
Photo by Mark Thiessen/National Geographic

Photograph by Mark Thiessen

Kim Hulse has worked at the National Geographic Society for 30 years and is currently the Vice President of Education Programs. She directs the Education division’s strategies, programs, products and content focused on advancing one of the Society’s most important goals — turbocharging the classroom experience for millions of students and educators.

Under Hulse’s leadership, the National Geographic Society Education team builds digital teaching resources, instructional materials, programs and other engaging content for K-12 students as well as providing professional development training for educators focused on cultivating and nurturing geographic knowledge, scientific approaches and critical-thinking skills.

Over the course of her extensive career at National Geographic, Hulse has been responsible for managing myriad education initiatives, from the forging of state-based partnerships with universities and teacher training entities to the creation of professional development experiences for teachers and the launch of education-centered communities. She also has developed and maintained partnerships with foundations and corporations to support National Geographic’s work in the creation of free, high-quality, classroom resources and was instrumental in developing grant and fellowship opportunities for educators.

Hulse joined the National Geographic family in 1988 to work for the newly formed Geography Education Program.

Prior to joining the Society, Hulse spent several years working on Capitol Hill as a state-federal relations assistant on education issues for the governor of Florida.

Hulse began her career at the Close Up Foundation, where she was a program instructor for high school students who traveled to Washington, D.C., as part of a citizenship education experience.

Hulse has a B.A. in geography from Dartmouth College, is a self-described “map nerd” and is fluent in Spanish after living the first 16 years of her life in Barcelona and Madrid.