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About Citizen Explorer Lab

Citizen Explorer Lab engages, inspires and empowers a new generation of explorers, scientists and change makers through participatory science and open innovation. It aims to engage millions of people around the world in acquiring data that will help us understand the patterns, status and trends of species, ecosystems, people and cultures.

Citizen Explorer

Building Capacity in Participatory Science and Innovation

Citizen Explorer Lab partners with global leaders in citizen science. Using data-driven, technology-powered tools, these partnerships inspire and empower citizen explorers to become stewards of the planet and contribute to solving real-world issues.

Citizen Explorer

Establishing a Global Ground Truthing Network

Citizen Explorer Lab builds global participatory science tools for conservation and exploration. These tools have successfully empowered citizen scientists to identify potential archaeological sites in Egypt, and can be expanded to help understand patterns, species, ecosystems, people and cultures.




Experience the Okavango River Basin with NationaL Geographic & google 

In partnership with Google, our Google Voyager story uses the newly visualized Human Impact data and on-the-ground data and storytelling from National Geographic’s Okavango Wilderness Project expeditions to see how we can better protect the natural resources and wildlife of regions like the Okavango watershed.

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Making an Impact for the Planet

Photographs by Karine Aigner (Top Image) ; (Citizen Explorer Lab) ; Kyler Abernathy (Participatory Science) ; Cengage for National Geographic (Ground Truthing Network) ;  Dave McAloney (Exploration Technology), Terry Virts/NASA (Geographic Visualization), Manu San Félix (Impact Programs), Kenneth Geiger (Drone)