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Is This the End of Moore's Law?

  Moore's Law is the observation that silicon transistors shrink to half their size every two years. Silicon transistors are semiconductor ...

Mauna Kea

The geologic history and landscape of Mauna Kea.


Illustration of ancient Egyptian sun god.

Solar Leaders

Map of global solar energy potential and use.

Oil Location

Illustration of technology used to discover oil reserves.

Mission: Explore Food Sustainable Seafood

File. Discover your connection to the ocean by completing these fun missions from Mission:Explore.

Draw Something Fishy

Draw your fishiest creations with Mission:Explore Food—Sustainable Seafood

Eat an Alien Invader

Defend your coastline from invasive species with Mission:Explore Food—Sustainable Seafood

Don't Bite the Endangered Ones

Explore endangered fish populations

Spot Where You DON'T Get Your Seafood

Discover where in the world doesn't your seafood come from with Mission:Explore Food—Sustainable Seafood...

Chicxulub Impact Crater

Illustration: Yucatan Peninsula.

Coral Reef Food Web

Illustration Gallery. Investigate the tropic levels of a coral reef food web.

The Golden Ratio

The "golden ratio" is a unique mathematical relationship, and easy to spot in the natural world.

Space Weather

Illustration: Impacts of space weather


Illustration of globe with three satellites triangulating a precise location


Illustration of why Earth has seasons

Manhattan Before Development

Photo: Historical illustration of Manhattan Island before 1609.

Tenochtitlan, Mexico

Illustration: A painting of Moctezuma's capital, Tenochtitlan

Perry in Tokyo Bay

Painting: Ships navigate large waves.

Atoll Formation

Illustration: Formation of an atoll.

Sleeping Giant

Photo: Illustration of rock beneath Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Magma Plume

A new 3-D model shows the 45-mile-wide (72-kilometer-wide), 410-mile-deep (660-kilometer-deep) plume of hot, molten rock rising under Yellowstone's su...

Yellowstone Eruptions

Chart and map of ancient eruptions of Yellowstone supervolcano.

Moorish Art

Illustration: Elements of Moorish art, including arches, calligraphy, and decorative tiles.

Marine Biology at the North Pole

Illustration: Tiny crustaceans live at the North Pole.