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A Guide to Timbuktu

The name Timbuktu conjures images of an exotic, far-flung location. This ancient West African city was once a center for scholarship and Islam

Transportation and Climate Change

Transportation has a huge impact on climate change, and although most people are dependent on these methods of transportation, there are still plenty ...

Sustainable Shopping—Which Bag Is Best?

Though you may have heard reusable bags are always best, recent studies show a much more complicated picture.

What’s Up With the Bacteria in Your Gut?

The overuse of antibiotics, eating processed foods, and a generally sanitized lifestyle in industrialized nations is contributing to people's ill heal...


Learn about the process that plants, algae, and some bacteria use to make their own food and the oxygen we breathe.

The Organization and Structure of the Human Body

The human body is made up of a complex structure of systems that all work together. There are several levels of organization to this structure, with e...

Biomes, Ecosystems, and Habitats

Have students use the information presented in the infographic (available in English, Spanish, and French) to describe the biome, ecosystem, and habit...

Floodplains Ecosystem

Use this educator idea to challenge students to consider all of the abiotic and biotic factors that make up a flood plains ecosystem....

Investigating the Water Cycle

Use this infographic to teach students about each part of the natural and urban water cycles, and then explore how humans fit into these cycles....

Infectious Agents

Use this infographic (provided in English, French, and Spanish) to teach students about five major infectious agents.

LiDAR and Archaeology

Explore the uses of LiDAR technology in archaeological contexts.

The Mangrove Ecosystem

Use this infographic (provided in English, French, and Spanish) to explore mangrove ecosystem, which acts as the ocean's nursery and a barrier to coas...

The Challenge of Recycling

Use this infographic to explore ways to reduce the use of plastics, learn about the types of plastics that can be recycled, and learn how to increase ...

Plastic Paradise

Use this infographic to explore how plastic pollution is affecting ocean life on a remote Pacific island.

Drowning in Plastic

Explore how the currents that make up the five major ocean gyres carry plastic around the world and concentrate it into areas of floating trash common...

Atlas of Happiness

The Gallup World Poll asks citizens of over 140 nations dozens of questions to determine how they see their lives as a whole, their daily happiness, a...

Marine Megafauna

Illustration of the sizes of different marine animals.

The “Eighth Wonder of the World”

This educator idea aims to help students understand the environmental impact and modification of the environment involved in constructing the Brooklyn...

Food Waste

When food that is safe and healthy for humans to eat is disposed of, it's called food waste. About a third of all food is wasted, according to the Uni...

Fighting Fire with Tech

While firefighting has largely remained unchanged, high-tech solutions are changing how wildfires are battled. Technologies, such as drones, robots, a...

Carbon Dioxide Levels Are at a Record High; Here's What You Need To Know

Carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas that drives global climate change, continues to rise every month. Find out the dangerous role it and other gases ...

Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration is the process by which food, in the form of sugar (glucose), is transformed into energy within cells.  ...

Anatomy of a Dead Zone

Dead zones are areas of the oceans that lack enough dissolved oxygen to support life. 

Elements of Storytelling

An overview of basic storytelling elements for photography, film, and writing.