Picture of a squirrel.

Create a Backyard Habitat

Choose and research a native animal species. Create a habitat that will provide the species with food, water, cover, and a place to raise young. Observe the habitat over time. Take photos and use your observations to create a guide.

Picture of dry land.

Soil lnvestigation

Use your eyes, hands, and nose to investigate the soil in your backyard. Is it moist? Sandy? Muddy? Does it have any particular odor? What grows best there?

Prior to the adoption of the United States Constitution, there was no formal consistent system for registering and measuring vessels. Under the law, only American ships could be registered and as a result, the shipbuilding industry in the U.S. grew.

Create a Treasure Hunt

Give clues based on the cardinal points. If you don't have a compass, remember, sunrise happens in the east. Sunset happens in the west.

Picture of chickens on a compost pile.

Create a Compost Pile

In layers, add “wet” waste, such as kitchen scraps or grass clippings. Add “dry” waste, such as dry leaves or hay. Add some water as you go. Fruit and vegetable material is great for compost; never add raw meat, eggs, or human or pet waste. Consider getting worms to help with the  project.

Picture of a tomato.

Plant a Garden

Plant a garden of flowers, vegetables, or plants for your family. You can do this in your yard, on your balcony, or even inside!

Picture of prickly pear.

Look for Invasives

Take an inventory of the different types of plants growing in your neighborhood. Are any of them invasive species? With permission, remove weeds or plants that are not native to the area.

Picture of flowers.

Plant a “Birthday Garden”

The next time someone in your family has a birthday, instead of presents guests should bring local plants to contribute to the garden. During the party invite everyone to plant what they brought. If conditions aren’t right for planting, guests can bring a packet of seeds, a potted plant, or other garden-related gifts.

Picture of a squirrel at a bird feeder.

Put Out Birdseed

Identify which animals come to eat it. Keep a photo journal of the birds and animals.