Inventory Your Family's Trash

Don't forget to wear gloves! Classify the trash by type, such as food, paper, or plastic. Make note of what could have been recycled or reduced somehow. Come up with suggestions to reduce your family’s trash production.

Undergound Inquiry

What would you find if you dug under your family's home? Native American artifacts? Graves of 19th century settlers? The foundations for previous homes in your neighborhood? Sewer pipes and fiberoptic cables? Do some sleuthing in your city's government offices or archives to find out what's really down there.

Picture of a tornado forming.

Make a Virtual Tornado

Peak tornado season in the United States occurs from March through May. Make a virtual tornado using the Forces of Nature interactive.

Go on a Day Trip

Explore free events and local places, such as museums, zoos, libraries, community concerts, and agricultural fairs.

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