Photograph of a ladybug on a map.

Map Your Senses

Plot an unusual, but safe, route on a map of your school or surrounding area. Use a journal to take notes on the things you see, smell, hear, touch, and taste along the way. Take photographs if you can. Then use art supplies to create a sensory map of your community. Be creative! Use pens, pencils, paint, construction paper, pictures, or any other materials.

Photograph of a globe on a lawn.

Explore a Line of Latitude

Pick a line of latitude and use a globe to trace that line in a full circle. Make a list of the countries and other important features, such as mountain ranges or deserts, that the line of latitude passes through. Think about the similarities and differences between these countries and features. If you don't have a globe, use the MapMaker Interactive to do this project online.

Photograph of a compass, ruler and map.

Draw a Map of an Imaginary Island

Use map elements, like symbols and a key, to show different features of the island and its people.

Photograph of man walking over U.S. map chalk drawing on sidewalk.

Find Maps

Look around you for maps in everyday life. Find an example of a helpful map and an example of a unhelpful map. Analyze what makes the maps helpful or not. Talk to a friend or family member about how different maps can display the same information in very different ways.

Photograph of antique coins from India.

Make a Treasure Hunt

Give each person playing a sheet of paper with clues. For example, "Which house has a mailbox in a certain shape?" and "Name three intersections with four-way stop signs." Set geographic boundaries to make sure everyone stays within a safe area. The first person to return with correct answers wins.

Picture of colorful spices.

Food Investigation

Get the recipe of your favorite family food and find out what herbs and spices it contains. On a map, find the countries that produce those herbs and spices. Do some investigating to find out more about these countries. What kind of climates do these places have? Could you grow the same spices where you live? Why or why not?

Prior to the adoption of the United States Constitution, there was no formal consistent system for registering and measuring vessels. Under the law, only American ships could be registered and as a result, the shipbuilding industry in the U.S. grew.

Create a Treasure Hunt

Give clues based on the cardinal points. If you don't have a compass, remember, sunrise happens in the east. Sunset happens in the west.

Picture of palm trees in the wind.

Follow a Tropical Storm's Path

Plot the path of a tropical storm or hurricane on a map. Record data about the storm, and make predictions about whether a storm will become a hurricane. Confirm or revise your predictions as you get new data.