Photograph of a globe.

Find Your Birthday Coordinates

Use the month for latitude and day for longitude. For example, if your birthday is November 26, your coordinates could be 11°N, 26°E. Or, you can make four sets of coordinates for your birthday, depending on whether you use north or south latitude, or east or west longitude. Print a world map and plot your birthday coordinates. What would it be like to have a party there?

Photograph of a compass and map.

Neighborhood Map

Create a map of your neighborhood without key map elements, like a compass rose, labels, and a key. Then have a family member or friend try to use the map to reach a particular destination. Talk about the ways in which the map was difficult to use.


Photograph of a woman participating in a public participatory mapping project in India.

Make a Map

Look at an article in a newspaper, magazine, or online. How might information in the article be represented on a map? Create a map showing that information.

Photograph of a roadmap with the road and desert in the background.

Learn From Maps

Find examples of maps when you are in a shopping mall, amusement park, train station, or another place. Critique whether or not the map is easy to use. Then make your own map of the area.

Photograph of a book.

Mark Latitude and Longitude

Whenever you read a magazine or newspaper article, find the latitude and longitude of the location in which the focus of the article takes place. On a world map, mark the locations. See how long it takes until you have marks in most countries.

Photograph of a globe.

Make a Papier-Mâché Globe

Use newspaper strips and a balloon. Use colored paints to show land and water and add borders and labels.

Photograph of flags blowing in the wind.

Make a Flag

Country flags are designed to represent the history or ideals of a country. Design a flag that represents you—you can model it on your heritage, favorite activities, sports, animals, or family.

Photograph of a glass window ornament.

Make an Earth Pendant or Light Catcher

Trace the earth onto a piece of acetate, using colored cellophane for land and water, and hang it from your window with yarn.