Photo of a celebration in an Indian community.

Community Heritage

Research the cultural heritage of your community. Find out why different groups settled in your community. Did they move to be near family? Were they displaced due to war, poverty, or persecution?

Photo of people in a library.

Community Jobs

Find out what different people in your community do. With a family member, go talk to a firefighter, a librarian, a construction worker, and people in other professions that interest you.

Community Field Trip

Take a field trip with a trusted adult. Tour different places in your community that you have not explored before.

Map of Waco, TX in the National Geographic Education MapMaker Interactive.

Find Your Parks

Use the MapMaker Interactive to find where you live. Zoom in to find your community, and take note of all the public parks, big and small. Then visit a new park each weekend. Take pictures and make your own guidebook of parks in your community.

Photo: Boy jumps rope at a playground.

Improve Your Neighborhood

Make your neighborhood a better place. Volunteer with your class to do things like pick up trash.

Photo of people picking up trash.

Earth Day Celebration

Host an Earth Day celebration at your school. Organize a party and encourage your students to share their concerns about the local environment with classmates and even other classes. After the party, go out as a class and pick up trash, work in a community garden, or help maintain a local greenway.


Map of the Gulf of Mexico.

What's in a Name?

All names have a historical origin. What about place names in and around your community? Use a map or the MapMaker Interactive and make a list of local names—names of your town or city, neighboring towns, parks in your community, or names of rivers and creeks—and research the origin of these place names. Try using your local library or online research tools. You may uncover a surprising story or find other places around the world with similar names.

Picture of laundry hanging outside.

Donate Things

Collect things you no longer use and clothes you've outgrown. Give them to charity.