Organize an Informal Meeting to Increase Geography Awareness

Encourage friends and peers to discuss geography-related topics in the news or projects they are currently working on that relate to geography. Informal settings such as brown-bag lunchtime discussions or geography-themed snack breaks can provide an opportunity for students to connect and engage one another.

Organize a GIS Day Event

GIS Day is the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week. Organize your own GIS Day event to explain what GIS is and the importance of it. If you register your event at, you can receive free promotional materials to give out at the event.

Organize an International Meal

Use the Internet to find recipes for food from around the world. Organize a potluck dinner during Geography Awareness Week and encourage your friends, classmates, coworkers, or neighbors to bring foods from their own ethnic or cultural heritage.


Learn about recycling in your state and organize an event to promote recycling on your campus or in your neighborhood, office, or city. Colleges can participate in Recyclemania, a friendly 8-week competition among colleges across the United States and Canada.

Partner with a Local K-12 School

Consider pairing up with a classroom at a local school to participate in a service project, mapping or GIS activity, or to simply teach students the value of geography education.

Create a Green Living Program

Develop a "Green Living Program" at your school, college, university, home, or office to promote sustainable living. Make it a competition or reward system that encourages behaviors like switching off lights, biking, switching out old computers and lights with energy efficient ones, and composting. Colleges can work with their residential life departments to develop "Green Ambassadors" in every dormitory that help organize programs and get people excited about sustainability.

Go Green When Shopping

Outfit your classroom, office, dorm, or home with eco-friendly, “green” accessories and supplies. Most office supplies stores offer items made from recycled and/or sustainable materials.

Travel Abroad

College is the perfect time to travel or study abroad, be it for the summer, a semester, or the entire school year. Of course, families travel too! Experience a new culture and natural surroundings, get out of your comfort zone, and learn from others. Catch the travel bug and see where you end up!