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Get Out the Vote!

This idea set highlights the processes involved in American elections.

Connecting the Globe Along the Silk Road

The Silk Road has connected far-flung peoples and civilizations throughout the world for hundreds of years. Some of those ancient pathways are getting...

The Costs and Benefits of Environmental Changes

This idea set explores unexpected and often obscured effects of human modifications of the environment. Challenge students to think about their own ha...

Campaign to Save Endangered Species

Become a family of environmental leaders with these ideas on the process of designing a social action campaign to educate your community about the pli...

Growing Pains—and Plans

This set of classroom ideas addresses worldwide urban growth and how to plan for it.

Okavango Delta Watershed

Use these ideas to explore the watershed of the Okavango Delta with students.

Biotechnology and Agriculture

Biotechnology is helping farmers feed the world. Use these ideas to help students think through how these technologies will change the way we live....

Distribution of Resources

Resources are vital to the existence of people. Familiarize students with the concept of resource distribution and encourage them to think about how p...

Animal Migration

Investigate several examples of animal migration, including migration by monarch butterflies, pronghorns, and animals of the Florida Wildlife Corridor...

Evolution: Changing Species Over Time

Evolution is the process by which species adapt over time in response to their changing environment. Use these ideas to teach about the water cycle i...


Check out these ideas for how your students can learn more about freshwater and how to conserve this precious resource.

One Strange Rock

Use these ideas to help students better understand the “strange rock” we live on and what makes it unique.

Be Like Jane: Observing, Conserving, and Communicating

Jane Goodall is a world-famous ethnologist and conservationist. Use these ideas to learn more about the contributions she helped make to science and t...

Teach Archaeology, Conservation, and Preservation at Home

Here are some ideas, based on academic standards, to support and extend your child’s learning as they experience the Church of the Holy Sepulchr...

Teach Archaeology, Conservation, and Preservation in the Classroom

Here are some ideas -- connected to select National Geography Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Geography Standards in the C3 Fram...

13 Days: President Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Students investigate outcomes of the Cuban Missile Crisis by using primary documents and role-playing President Kennedy’s national security team...

People and Wildlife in India

India is home to endangered wildlife like the Asian elephant, tiger, and leopard and approximately 1.3 billion people. Use this set of ideas to e...

Our Human Story

Our Human Story Idea Set

Exploring Oceans

Google Earth Idea Set focusing on the Pristine Seas project.

Conducting Geographic Analysis

Google Earth Idea Set focusing on basic GIS techniques.

Getting Started With Google Earth

Google Earth makes a world of geographic information available to your students in a dynamic way over a web browser. Use these ideas to get familiar w...

School-Based Environmental Service Learning

Find ways to engage students in environmental service learning projects in the classroom or on school grounds.

Field-Based Environmental Service Learning

Find ways to engage students in environmental service learning projects in outdoor settings.

Play in a National Park

Get ideas for engaging activities to do with kids when visiting a national park or other green space.

National Park Resources

Learn about the U.S. National Park System.