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Who We Fund

We are looking for people from around the world who are not afraid to take risks, think differently, and challenge themselves and others to push the boundaries of what is possible

Picture of Rachna Reddy observing chimpanzees at Ngogo in Kibale National Park, Uganda.

National Geographic Early Career Grantee Rachna Reddy observing the social relationships of wild chimpanzees at Ngogo in Kibale National Park, Uganda.

Photograph by Aaron Sandel

Whether you are a conservationist, educator, researcher, storyteller, or engineer, you have the ability to reveal the amazing diversity and hidden complexities of our world by sharing ideas and information that can lead to important solutions.

What Makes A National Geographic Explorer

Photograph by James Kydd

National Geographic Explorers (grantees) share a common set of values that guides them as they pursue a better understanding of our planet and its critical interconnections. We expect our Explorers to wield their collective power to change the world, and we actively seek to help them network and connect more deeply with National Geographic and each other.

Encouraging Cultural, Gender, and Geographic Diversity

National Geographic welcomes applications from around the globe and seeks to build a community of explorers that reflects the rich diversity of our world.

We specifically encourage applicants from outside the United States. Applicants planning to work outside of their home country must include at least one local collaborator who is a key contributor to their team. We encourage applications from teams that are diverse, inclusive and representative of various cultures and perspectives. Learn more about where we work.


Expand the Field

National Geographic strives for gender equity across our grant programs.
Watch the video below to find out how women are making a difference.


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We are currently offering Explorers a variety of funding opportunities.

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“Explore Our Blog” Images: Keith Ladzinski (Changing Planet), John Stanmeyer (Human Journey), Michael Nichols (Wildlife)