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Future Gifts


An orphan elephant approaches a car.

Our Explore Tomorrow newsletter keeps you up-to-date on the Society's progress in helping to create a healthier, more sustainable world. It also provides useful estate planning tips you can use if you're considering creating a legacy with the Society. 

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Fall 2017 Edition

Fall 2017 Edition  

  • Bringing the World's Brightest Minds Together
  • What Is the Best Year-End Gift for You?
  • Change the World while Securing Your Future
Summer 2017 Edition

Summer 2017 Edition  

  • Why Should we Support Women in Science? 
  • Preserving Your Options While Protecting Our Planet
  • Are You Making the Most of Your IRA?
Spring 2017 Edition

Spring 2017 Edition  

  • Unsealing the Reputed Tomb of Jesus
  • A Gift That Pays You Back
  • Is It Time to Update or Create Your Will?

Photo: Michael Nichols (Top Image, Elephant)

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