• Refugees from Kosovo stand in line for supplies near the coastal town of Durres, in Albania.

    Photograph by Priit Vesilind
  • A waterway shows the reflections of houses in Minsk, Belarus.

    Photograph by Bruce Dale
  • A walled city overlooks the Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

    Photograph by James P. Blair
  • The remains of the Crusader castle sit behind a waterfront cafe in Cyprus.

    Photograph by Bates Littlehales
  • A Parliament complex stands beside the Danube River in Hungary.

    Photograph by Franc Shor
  • A farmer turns hay to dry in a field next to Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall in Iceland.

    Photograph by Emory Kristof
  • Teenagers relax on a stone wall near their home in Connemara, Ireland.

    Photograph by Howell Walker
  • A bride and locals stand on the steps of the Piazza della Cisterna's well, in Italy.

    Photograph by William Albert Allard
  • Spectators watch the Grand Prix de Monaco car race in Monaco.

    Photograph by Jodi Cobb
  • A flame tower reaches to the sky on an oil platform in the North Sea.

    Photograph by Jim Richardson
  • Tall ships in full sail move across a calm sea near Portugal.

    Photograph by Volkmar K. Wentzel
  • A mountain climbing guide leads an American to the summit in Switzerland.

    Photograph by Thomas J. Abercrombie
  • Windmills move with the wind in Kinderdijk, Netherlands.

    Photograph by David Cupp, National Geographic
  • The pope, cardinals, and monsignors conduct business in Vatican City.

    Photograph by James L. Stanfield
  • French, American, and British military police stop cars at a checkpoint near the Berlin Wall, West Germany.

    Photograph by Steve Raymer

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Observing Physical and Cultural Landscapes
Observing Physical and Cultural Landscapes Activity

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Students view photographs of Europe to determine if the photos match their own ideas about Europe. They search for geographic clues within the photos to learn more about the subjects shown.