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Since 1888, the National Geographic Society has supported exploration and discovery, bringing to light such wonders as the ruins of Machu Picchu, mysterious ocean phenomena, and previously unknown human ancestors.

Our field-based research, conservation, exploration, and public experience programs continue to provide the world with scientific breakthroughs and discoveries that inspire people everywhere to care about, and help protect, our planet.

Today, a new generation of National Geographic explorers is carrying on the tradition and blazing trails in thought and action.

Every year we name a new class of emerging explorers, highlighting people early in their careers making a difference and pushing the boundaries of knowledge and exploration. We are also the home of several explorers-in-residence, leaders in their fields with a legacy of tireless work and extraordinary impact.

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Meet This Year’s Class of Emerging Explorers

Meet This Year’s Class of Emerging Explorers  

Learn more about explorers who are making a difference and changing the world.

Explorers Week Schedule of Events

Explorers Week Schedule of Events  

Participate in Explorers Week events from June 13-17.

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