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Wildest Weather Solar System

Illustration courtesy NASA

Nat Geo Entertainment's Wildest Weather in the Solar System

National Geographic Entertainment’s Wildest Weather in the Solar System is now playing in digital fulldome theaters and planetariums. This spectacular show will take you on a journey to witness weather extremes in our solar system like never before. 

These education resources, created to complement the Wildest Weather in the Solar System film, will help you bring content about the Earth-sun connection and extreme weather on Earth and other planets in our solar system to your classroom. 

Explore this collection to find hands-on multimedia activities, worksheets, lessons, interactives, and interactive whiteboard content.

Lesson (Grades 2-5)

Extreme Weather on Earth and Other Planets

Students investigate extreme weather on Earth and other planets, learn about instruments used to measure weather, and design a space probe that will gather weather information on another planet.

Lesson (Grades 6-8)

Environmental Conditions in Our Solar System

Students explore the difference between weather and climate, analyze environmental conditions on Earth and other planets, and design a space probe that can withstand extreme weather on other planets.


Engineering Videos for Kids

NASA for Kids: Intro to Engineering

What is engineering, and who exactly is an engineer? Learn more in this video!

So, You Want to Build a Satellite?

Using the MAVEN mission as an example, this video describes the steps a proposed mission must go through before construction even begins.

Space Probes

Educational Video

Space probes have visited the moon, asteroids, comets, and every planet in the solar system except Pluto. Find out about the three types of space probes in this educational video.

Space Weather Articles

How's the Weather Up There?

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is helping scientists better forecast space weather, a phenomenon that can disrupt technology here on Earth.

Cold Explosion

NASA’s Rosaly Lopes and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Astrogeology Science Center’s Randy Kirk explain the phenomenon of cryovolcanism.

Sun Struck

The space-weather forecast for the next few years: solar storms, with a chance of blackouts on Earth. Are we prepared?

Wildest Weather in the Solar System

The Film

Witness the most beautiful and powerful weather phenomena in the solar system!

Interactive Whiteboard Content

Earth's Magnetosphere and Auroras

Use multimedia to analyze planetary magnetospheres and auroras in this Grade 6-8 interactive activity for Promethean whiteboards from NG Education.

Saturn's Wildest Weather

Learn about the solar system and the wicked weather on Saturn with interactive content for Promethean whiteboards from NG Explorer.

The Game

The Game

Travel into the future to lead a crucial mission on the space probe Erion. Using the right materials, build and test probes that will withstand the extreme weather conditions on each of our solar system's planets.

Nat Geo Interactives

Check out these Nat Geo interactives for a hands-on look at the key players in our solar system.

The Sun

The star of our solar system is a huge ball of hot, glowing gases. What do you know about it? Check out the sun's stats and surface features.

Our Solar System

Earth is just one of many bodies in our solar system. What else is out there? Explore our cosmic neighborhood.

Nat Geo Kids Books

13 Planets

Get the 13 Planets book for kids ages 8-12. Help your students understand the latest view of the solar system, including newly recognized dwarf planets.

Space Weather


Check out this illustration to see the impacts of space weather on human activities.

Meet Some Space Scientists!

Astrophysicist: Phillip Chamberlin

Phillip Chamberlin is a NASA research astrophysicist and deputy project scientist.

Astrobiologist: Kevin Hand

From star-gazer to planetary scientist, read how Emerging Explorer Kevin Hand found his place in the stars.

Space Gym

NASA shows you how astronauts use out-of-this-world exercise equipment.