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Satellite Image courtesy NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

This collection of resources is designed to support teaching environmental education concepts around Earth Day, or any time of year. Explore  activities, articles, maps, and multimedia about the Earth's physical features and human impacts on the planet. You'll also find professional development resources and information about environmental careers.

Celebrate Earth Day with These Activities

Introduction to Earth Day

Students learn all about Earth Day and the environmental issues it addresses.

Mapping Our Human Footprint

Students learn about the Human Footprint data set, analyze a map showing where and to what extent humans have influenced Earth, and participate in a class discussion.

Earth's Water Cycle

Students work together to illustrate the water cycle as a class. Each student writes an imaginary story about the journey of one drop of water through the water cycle. Then students discuss some of the reasons why the ocean is important.

Environmental Education Programs

Citizen Science

Get involved with citizen science through National Geographic programs.

FieldScope Projects

Learn more about other FieldScope projects and citizen science data being collected across the country.

BioBlitz Education

Collecting and mapping species data in our parks, neighborhoods, and schoolyards.

Geography Awareness Week

Learn about the program and find resources to help you celebrate all year long.

Build Your Map

Nat Geo MapMaker Kits

Browse our collection of large-format printable maps of continents or the world for fun, engaging classroom activities.

New GeoStory

Citizen Scientists Across the U.S.

Meet people who volunteer in citizen science efforts across the country.

Explorer Videos

Putting Waste to Work

Sasha Kramer transforms waste into resources in Haiti.

Seafood and Survival

Barton Seaver talks about the importance of sustainable resource use.

Lions, Leeches, and Cobra Tongues

Photographer Mattias Klum gives the inside scoop on working for National Geographic.

Satellite Imagery

Earth's Physical Features

Explore a gallery of images from satellites of glaciers and glacially carved features around the globe.


Nature and the Environment

Read books about conservation and the relationship between people and the natural environment, recommended by National Geographic staff.