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Our classroom materials are designed in a modular system, with activities as the base unit. An activity will fill one class period, while a lesson (a collection of activities) can fill up to a week of class time. Units (collections of lessons) are designed for longer periods of time.

The smallest independent learning experience, designed to fit one class.

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A set of activities sequenced to accomplish a specific learning goal.

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A set of sequenced lessons that are connected thematically or topically.

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National Geography Standards


The goal of these standards is to enable students to become geographically informed through knowledge and mastery of factual knowledge, mental maps and tools, and ways of thinking.

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Explorer Magazine

A classroom magazine  

National Geographic Explorer magazines’ nonfiction content is authentic, engaging, and supports national reading and science standards. The classroom subscription includes 7 issues that arrive throughout your school year. Educators can select from 6 editions, leveled to differentiate learning.

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National Geographic Learning offers instructional materials featuring National Geographic content.