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Including Geography in Your Curriculum

Resources for Including More Geography in Your Classroom

From online interactive mapping modules to ideas for a geography-rich classroom, find lessons, activities, and games to help enhance your geography curriculum!

Quick Ideas

10 Ways to Give Your Students the World

As an educator you’re on the front line in the fight against our kids’ geography gap. Here are some tools to give you much more than a fighting chance.

Ideas for a Geography-Rich Classroom

Get ideas for incorporating geography into any classroom or discipline. Immerse your students in these creative projects.

Tools for AP Human Geography Teachers

AP Human Geography Portal

NG Education's AP Human Geography page offers a compilation of resources available for both students and teachers. Make use of multimedia, videos, maps, and photos to support your course.

What is Geography Learn Geography Celebrate Geography Do Geography

Explore Geography

Discover the amazing world of geography with NatGeoEd's resources, materials, games and more.

Host an Indoor Field Trip!

Giant Traveling Maps

Get great resources for introducing geography and map-reading skills to students in Grades K-8

Join the Network

Network of Alliances for Geographic Education

Join your state's geography education alliance for professional development opportunities and more.


Map Local Data

Discover this interactive mapping platform for educators and citizen scientists.

Get Competitive with It!

National Geographic Bee

Test your geography skills on the Bee website. Take quizzes, read about past participants, and find sample questions to help prepare your students for the challenge.