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Geography Awareness Week

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Celebrate Geography and "The Future of Food" November 16th through the 22nd in 2014. See how National Geographic Society is focusing on food all year round, check out a new suite of resources all about geography as a field and discipline, and even more tips and tools to plan your own GeoWeek celebrations! 

Read more about the history and purpose behind Geography Awareness Week. 

Looking for even more resources? Check out the Geography Awareness Week Archive for material dating back all the way to 2000!

Ways to Celebrate the Geography of Food!

Staple Food Crops of the World

Where are some of the world’s staple crops grown? Explore the world through food data with new map themes, data, and tools for customizing your map.

Your Brain on Food

Discover how food makes us tick with the National Geographic series Brain Games

Food: An Atlas

View a crowd-sourced atlas of maps exploring the geography of food.

Planet Food

The Planet Food interactive aggregates the contents of your meal to generate a map showing the global footprint your plate makes before it even gets to your plate, and puts you in charge of the world wide journey a bar of chocolate will take before it gets to you.

Tools for Planning and Promotion

This Geography Awareness Week, gather your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone in between to help you celebrate! Use these downloadable and customizable files during Geography Awareness Week to show your love for Geography and/or promote your event. 

Event Planning How-to: Instructions from gathering your planning team to sending thank-you cards, with event ideas big and small. 

How to Fund-Raise for an Event or Organization

How to Host a Webinar

How to Host a Geography Quiz Night: Complete with 100 prepared National Geographic Geography Bee questions!

How to Meet with Local Representatives: A guide for planning a trip to visit local elected officials who should be supporting better geography education.

How to Use Social MediaTips for how and when to use each platform, and suggestions for what to post. 

How to Engage Your Local MediaGet back to basics with our suggestions for leveraging your local print, radio, and television media.

2014 Sample Letter to the EditorTell your area papers how important you think geography and geography education are and why with this fill-in-the blank template.

2014 ProclamationAsk you local leaders to officially proclaim Geography Awareness Week as important to your community/ county/ state, etc. Just make sure to fill in the right blanks!

Quick activity ideas for the officehomeclassroom, and college campus.


Celebrate GIS Day!

GIS Day falls on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week every year. Go to for free materials, a map of events taking place near you, and ideas for planning your own event. You can even register your event and receive free supplies to give away!

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Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee. This contest, for students in Grades 4-8, is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography. Do you have what it takes? Test your geographic knowledge with this entertaining and challenging app.


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