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The Geo-Inquiry Process

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Today’s students need to understand how the complex and dynamic human and natural systems interact in order to make smart decisions.

The Geo-Inquiry Process relies on using a geographic perspective, offering a unique lens to analyze space, place, and the interconnections between both the human and natural world.

Using both a geographic perspective and the Geo-Inquiry Process students begin to connect complex components, see patterns, and make connections that change their communities.

Over 100 middle school educators from across North America descended on National Geographic Headquarters June 24–28, 2017 to learn from experts, explorers, and National Geographic staff on how to use the Geo-Inquiry Process in the classroom.  

In 2018, National Geographic will sponsor institutes in each state, Canada, and D.C. to train hundreds more educators in how to implement The Geo-Inquiry Process in their classroom.  Our goal is to have over 1,000 community projects engaging over 50,000 students in 2018.

Bring The Process Into Your Classroom

If you are a middle school teacher and want to learn to use The Geo-Inquiry Process in your classroom, please complete this form.

Geo-Inquiry Downloads

Educator resources that support implementing the Geo-Inquiry Process into your classroom.


Geo-Inquiry Case Studies

Learn how National Geographic explorers use the Geo-Inquiry Process.

Geo-Inquiry in the Classroom

See how a National Geographic Certified Educator uses the Geo-Inquiry Process in his classroom.

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