National Geographic

Certification FAQs

I took the Phase 1 workshop at a conference. Do I need to take the workshop online and do the reflection quiz?

Nope! If you took the Phase 1 workshop at a conference, you are ready for Phase 2.


What do I need to submit for Phase 2?

Nothing. Phase 2 is just about planning and completing activities in your classroom. However, you should begin compiling your materials for Phase 3 while you’re completing Phase 2.


My school has photo release forms for all my students. Can I submit  photos and video that show their faces?

Unfortunately not. National Geographic is unable to accept any photographs or videos showing student faces for the certification program—regardless of photo release forms.


How can I edit the lesson plan template?

The lesson plan template is a master copy so you will not be able to edit it directly. Click File>Make a Copy to create your personal copy. 


Where do I start on my capstone video?

Click here to see video requirements, video-specific FAQs, tips on telling a great story in Your video, and technology tips.


I submitted my multimedia reflection form. Do I still have to submit my work to the Google+ Community?

Yes. The Nat Geo Educator Certification Program seeks to connect and inspire like-minded educators. We require you to share your work to the community of educators because we believe it will benefit other teachers like yourself.


How do I access the Google+ Community?

There are instructions for joining and posting to the community here.


How do I post my lesson plan, photos of student work, and video to the Google+ Community?

There are detailed instructions here.


When will I receive my certificate and confirmation that I completed the program?

Whether you submit several weeks early or one day after a deadline, you will receive your certificate and confirmation within a month from the closest upcoming submission date. See upcoming submission dates here.


I am running behind. Can I submit after the deadline I signed up for?

Yes! You can submit any time you like. The deadlines are just to help you pace yourself and to set our review schedule. Your work will be reviewed within a month of the nearest upcoming submission deadline. See upcoming submission dates here.


I’d like to talk through my ideas for certification and receive feedback.  How can I do that?

The Google+ Community is a great place to connect and discuss your projects. There are hundreds of teachers on there who have already completed or are currently completing their certification. 


How will my work be evaluated?

See submission requirements and evaluation criteria here.