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Chesapeake Bay FieldScope Resources

Chesapeake Bay FieldScope is a web-based mapping, analysis, and collaboration tool designed to support geographic investigations and to engage students as citizen scientists investigating real-world issues—both in the classroom and in outdoor education settings. The FieldScope program enables students and classrooms to upload their own field data, including quantitative measurements, field notes, and media, such as photos. Students can integrate their fieldwork and data with that of their peers and professionals, adding analysis opportunities and meaning to student investigations. This type of learning provides a rich geographic context that allows students to gain a better understanding of how their lifestyles are connected to the bay. Environmental and outdoor educators, as well as science classes in and around the Chesapeake Bay watershed have been using FieldScope to upload and share information, as well as perform data analysis and visualize spatial patterns. National Geographic Education offers free FieldScope activities specifically designed for students to develop connections between their community and their surrounding environment. 

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Chesapeake Bay FieldScope Resources

Use this sequence of activities to incorporate FieldScope into your watershed education classroom.

Chesapeake Bay Interactive Map

Chesapeake Bay FieldScope

Explore the bay via Fieldscope, an online mapping tool for citizen science investigations.

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Mapping and Watersheds

Mapping Watersheds

How does topography shape a watershed?

In Your Watershed

How do people impact a community's watershed?

What is GIS?

GIS (geographic information system)

Read a student-friendly encyclopedic entry on GIS.

Collecting Data with FieldScope

FieldScope Data Collection Protocols

Suggested protocols for collecting water quality and macroinvertebrate data.

FieldScope Data

Use this data sheet to record your chemical water quality and macroinvertebrate data while you are out in the field.

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