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At National Geographic, we are committed more than ever to teaching students about the world and how it works, ultimately empowering the next generation of geographers, scientists, conservationists, and educators—the National Geographic explorers and changemakers of tomorrow.  

Our Educator Network connects formal and informal pre-K–12 educators and their classrooms to each other and a host of free or at-cost National Geographic resources.


Through our network, educators gain access to many resources and benefits:


  1. In-person and online professional development and leadership opportunities
  2. High-quality, standards-based classroom resources, such as National Geographic videos and maps
  3. Student programming and academic competitions
  4. The network of National Geographic Explorers
  5. Access to a dedicated network of teachers through our online community
  6. Idea exchange with fellow educators throughout the network
  7. Grants and fellowship opportunities
  8. Technology platforms and tools

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