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Join the Nat Geo Educator Community

We recommend you join the Nat Geo Educator community on Google+ early in the program for the opportunity to connect with like-minded educators, stay up-to-date on certification news, and receive access to special events, content, or collaborations. And we hope you’ll stay active in the community long after the certification program is complete!

How to Join | How to Post | What to Say

How to Join
  1. Go to the Google+ Community, linked here.
  2. Click “Accept.” If you are unable to join, it may be because your school or district has a firewall blocking Google+. Please try again at home, and email if you are still having trouble.
  3. If you are not already signed in with a Gmail account, you will be prompted to sign in or create an account.

How to Post

For specific details about posting your Capstone project, see the Phase 3 instructions.

  1. Go to the Google+ Community. If you haven’t yet joined, click “Ask to Join.” Someone will approve you by the next business day and you will be able to post then.
  2. In the Google+ Community, you will see a text box with the phrase “What’s new with you?” Below it, there are options to add photos, a link, video, etc. If you just want to add text, simply begin typing. If you want to upload a photo or video, click the appropriate option below the text box.
  3. Choose which label you would like to apply to your post. There are options such as “Seeking Advice/Collaboration,” “Ideas and Resources” and “Certification Help.” Don’t worry too much about this—just choose the label that seems to fit best.
  4. Click share!

Not sure what to say?

You’re free to post whatever you like (within reason!), but here are some ideas to get you started. Educators often post:

  1. Links to resources or articles they found useful in their classroom
  2. Questions about teaching strategies or challenges they’re having
  3. Stories from class projects or trips
  4. Offers to collaborate on classroom projects such as penpal programs or cultural exchanges
  5. Questions about the Nat Geo Certification Program—and answers to others’ questions about certification!
  6. Certification capstone projects