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Classroom Videos and Photos Highlighting Great Teaching and Learning

Photograph by National Geographic Education

As part of National Geographic Education’s mission to improve geography education and increase geo-literacy, these professional development videos offer an in-depth look at progressive and effective classroom teaching strategies and content. Focusing on areas such as media literacy and implementation, geographic concepts, and meaningful integration of technology, National Geographic Education produces broadcast-quality pictures of practice to give teachers useful knowledge and ideas to improve their own educational practice.

Our Activities in Action

Mapping the Classroom

View a photo gallery of a classroom teacher using the "Mapping the Classroom" activity with students in Grades preK and K.

Mapping Storybooks

View a photo gallery of a classroom teacher using the "Mapping Storybooks" activity with students in Grades preK and K.

Maps and Human Migration

Find out how one 7th grade social studies teacher utilizes the activity "Mapping the Migration of the Lost Boys" to help her students understand the challenges faced by the Lost Boys of Sudan.

Understanding Self Through Media

Learn how to use video clips from the documentary God Grew Tired of Us to explore the concepts of culture and identity with middle school students through active viewing and classroom discussion.

Citizen Science

Schoolyard BioBlitz

Watch a video to learn how can you plan a schoolyard bioblitz for your school, class, or afterschool program. Hear from teachers, students, and volunteers on their experience of discovering biodiversity through a bioblitz organized in their suburban schoolyard.

Cool Schools

Urban Assembly
New York Harbor School

In addition to a traditional curriculum, "Harbor High" offers students hands-on maritime experience.

Bella Bella Community School

Coastal Canadian school draws on First Nations heritage for innovative woodworking projects and community involvement.

Manzo Elementary School

Students use gardening and native plants to cultivate life in the Sonoran Desert.

College des Colombieres

Swiss 7th-graders are learning about research, citation, computer science, and the never-ending editorial process . . . by editing Wikipedia articles.

Prairie Woods
Environmental Learning Center

Students of all ages make connections between self, others, and the environment.

MUSE School

Students flip traditional definitions of school upside down as they help determine the topics they study.

John C. Campbell Folk School

Non-traditional learning center carries on the rich cultural traditions of Appalachia.