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Mission Animal Rescue


The National Geographic Mission: Animal Rescue program encourages young people to learn how to help our planet's endangered and threatened animals, including wolves, lions, polar bears, sea turtles, pandas, tigers, and elephants. 

This collection includes classroom tools such as including activities, lessons, videos, books, and educator guides designed to teach about these threatened species.

You can explore more Mission: Animal Rescue ideas from National Geographic Kids.

Classroom Activity

Preserving Critical Species: Inquiry to Action

This activity guides students through a process that uses the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework inquiry arc. Students identify and research compelling and supporting questions, leading them to develop explanations and arguments and, ultimately, to take action on issues related to the preservation of species.

Mission: Animal Rescue Educator Guide

This educator guide provides English language arts activity ideas for use with students in Grades 4-8. 


Find diverse classroom resources related to wolves, lions, turtles, and tortoises.

Giant Pandas Game

Design a giant panda wildlife reserve suitable for panda health and happiness. Your challenge is to prepare your pandas and then release them into the wild!


Engage youth in an event that focuses on finding and identifying as many species as possible in a specific area over a short period of time.

Encyclopedia: Endangered Species

Learn the main reasons why species become endangered and find a comprehensive glossary.