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The National Geographic Society and Google Earth are teaming up to empower students to think about the world beyond their classrooms. The educational resources below are designed for the new web-based Google Earth and highlight a range of geographical concepts as well as some of National Geographic’s most exciting initiatives.

Google Earth

Explore Our Voyager Stories

Join National Geographic Explorers in the field with these map-based stories.


Check out how teachers have used Google Earth and National Geographic content in their classrooms.

Ottawa, Ontario

Sam Robinson uses Google Earth to empower his students to follow in the footsteps of National Geographic Explorers Sarah Parcak and Dan Buettner. 

Guilderland, New York

Lisa McClure and Jamie Mullins emphasize global awareness in their classrooms by exploring National Geographic’s Out of Eden Walk project in Google Earth.

Austin, Texas

Josh Williams’ students explore National Geographic’s Pristine Seas program and use Google Earth to analyze how places around the world have changed over time.

Lisle, Illinois

Ellie Reitz combines journaling, Google Earth, and National Geographic resources to help her students think critically about human-environment impacts.

Google Earth Education

Discover more classroom resources from our partners at Google Earth Education.

Thank You

Thank you to all our teachers who were involved in the development of these resources.

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