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God Grew Tired of Us Education

Learn About the Journey of Refugees from Civil War

Photograph courtesy National Geographic Entertainment/Newmarket Films

The film God Grew Tired of Us explores the story of three "Lost Boys of Sudan," a group of Dinka youth who fled civil war in their native country of Sudan, spent a decade growing up in a Kenyan refugee camp, and were eventually resettled in the United States. The Dinka are the largest ethnic group in southern Sudan. 

Get activities, videos, and maps to help your students understand these true stories of civil war, refugees, and resettlement.


Watch videos about cultural identity and difference from the point of view of the Lost Boys.

God Grew Tired of Us: Cultural Differences

Watch as the Lost Boys experience for the first time what most American's take for granted and as they gain valuable insight on American 'norms.'

Sense of Place and Community

In America, the Lost Boys reflect on the culture they left behind and reminisce about life back in Sudan.

From Sudan to the United States

Sudan's civil war forced over 25,000 Lost Boys to trek across sub-Saharan Africa in search of safety. Hear their stories from Kakuma Refugee camp.

Responsibility and Leadership

Now a grown man living in the United States, John Dau works to raise awareness about South Sudan.

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God Grew Tired of Us

God Grew Tired of Us explores the indomitable spirit of three "Lost Boys" from the Sudan who leave their homeland, overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and move to America.

'Lost Boy' John Dau's Work

The South Sudan Institute (SSI)

Read about the South Sudan Institute (SSI), a group established by "Lost Boy" John Dau. SSI is dedicated to creating sustainable skills and self-sufficiency for returning refugees in communities throughout South Sudan.

The First Grader

A Nat Geo Movie

Watch the inspiring true story of a man's fight to learn to read, and the transforming power of education.