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Giant Maps

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

What is a Giant Map?
How do I obtain a National Geographic Giant Map?
Which maps are available for purchase?
How big and heavy are they?
Who produces the maps?
Are the maps cartographically accurate?
What ages are Giant Maps designed for?

How to Use the Maps

Where should we use the map?
How should I transport my Giant Map?
What kind of curriculum comes with the map?
Where can I find map activities?
How much time should I plan for my class to engage with the map?
A local reporter is interested in doing a piece on the Giant map in our school. What should I say?

Care Instructions

How should the Giant Map be cleaned?
How can I repair my Giant Map?
How can I reduce wear and tear on my Giant Map?
How should the Giant Map be stored?

Pricing & Order Placement

How much does a Giant Map cost?
How much is shipping/handling?
What is included when you purchase a Giant Map?
How can I place an order?
How do I make payment?
Have a question regarding payment or billing?
Is there funding available to supplement the cost of the map?


When will I receive my order?
My order has not arrived yet.
I did not receive the correct map.
When the map arrived, it was damaged and/or missing a supplement.
Why is there no trunk with props to accompany the map?
Can I get a refund?


I’m having technical difficulties. What should I do?
How can I give feedback?
What if I still have a question?