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Genographic Project: Educator Discount

About the Educator Discount for Public Participation Kits

The Geno 2.0 Public Participation and DNA Ancestry Kit opens up many classroom opportunities across disciplines and grade levels. The Geno 2.0 Kit offers a range of opportunities for students to learn about the world and themselves. They will realize that, although they may look different from one another and each have unique cultural characteristics, students are more similar to their classmates than they ever thought possible. Family interviews, school-wide Geno 2.0 swabbing events, classroom-produced documentaries, and Genographic-inspired dances are just a few ways teachers have incorporated the Genographic Project into their curriculum, in addition to traditional instructional approaches. 

Education outreach is a priority for the Genographic Project. Though a discount on Genographic Project Public Participation Kits has always been offered to educators, the Genographic Project has chosen to further subsidize the cost for educators on Geno 2.0 Kits to make the kits more accessible to classrooms around the world. Geno 2.0 Kits are available for educators at the subsidized price of $140 per kit, with free standard U.S. shipping. The kit is normally sold for $199.99. Samples are taken with a simple and painless cheek swab, and submitted through a secure process. Each Geno 2.0 Kit contains DNA testing supplies for one student or educator. Personal results can be tracked online confidentially and anonymously through the Genographic Project website

Educators who plan to use the Geno 2.0 Kit to augment curriculum within a formal classroom environment or home school will be considered for the discount. Those who qualify for the discount will receive an email within 12 business days containing a unique URL with a one-time discount code, along with instructions on how to order one or more kits. 

Complete the registration form to apply for the discount. Parental consent is needed for anyone under the age of 18 to participate in the project. Be sure to have your students under the age of 18 complete the Parental Consent Form along with a parent’s or caregiver’s signature. This Parental Consent Form is in addition to the consent form that is included in the kit. The Parental Consent Form was created for educator’s records, and should not be sent to the project.

About the Genographic Public Participation Kit

As your classroom explores its own genetic ancestry, you'll also be able to explore humankind's shared journey. By participating, your students will: 

  • discover the migration paths their ancient ancestors followed thousands of years ago, with an incredibly rich view of their ancestral journey.
  • learn what percentage of their genome is affiliated with specific regions of the world.
  • find out if they have Neanderthal or Denisovan ancestry.
  • have the opportunity to help fill in the gaps in the human story by sharing their story and connecting with other Genographic Project participants if they choose to do so.


This is not a genealogy test; you and your students will not learn about your great grandparents. To ensure total anonymity, you will be identified at all times only by your Genographic Project Participation ID (GPID), and not by name unless you register your Participant ID online with the project. If you lose the GPID, there will be no way to access your genetic results unless you create an online profile. If you choose to complete a profile and register, your personally-identifiable information will be linked to your Participant ID, and your genetic information will no longer be anonymous to National Geographic. 


If you or your students would like to contribute your results to the project's global database, you will be asked to answer a dozen "phenotyping" questions that will help place your DNA in cultural context. If you choose to participate, the genetic data from your test and the answers you provide to our questions, including some personal information such as your zip code, will be included in our database of global genetic information and linked to your Participant ID. This is your choice and not required in order to access your individual test results. 


For more ideas on how to integrate the Genographic Project into your classroom, view our lesson plans.

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About the Genographic Project

A Landmark Study of the Human Journey

Learn about the Genographic Project, a multi-year research initiative that uses DNA to trace our shared ancient ancestry.